Trouble With Toast

TCAS – No fish for Fabi | January 18, 2011

I don’t know what I liked more about last week’s TCAS – the fact that Jamie got the boot (awesome), the fact that the whole fishing field trip was rife with humor (awesomer), OR the fact that I got to watch it in San Francisco with my husband, my sister, and my brother-in-law (awesomest).  The only bad part was that I watched it immediately after arriving in California, so I was a wee bit tired and not so much paying attention to details.  Oh, well.  I suppose no one comes here for detailed recaps anyway, seeing as how others are so much better at them.

Clearly, no one was sorry to see Jamie go (maybe not even Jamie herself, given her lackluster performance throughout), but I was bummed to say goodbye to Tiffani F.  Yes, mostly because she’s on my Fantasy team, but also because I have really enjoyed watching her this go-round.  Frankly, I’ve enjoyed everything she’s done BESIDES her original turn on Top Chef, when she was a raging bitch and just seemed like she was compensating for her insecurities by taking her competitors’ heads off one by one.  I like a good redemption story, what can I say.

Anywho, in addition to the Blais-Fabio bromance and some weird pseudo-sexual comments about holding rods, Carla’s win was a highlight of the episode.  The challenge seemed like it was right up her alley, and I’m really happy that she won.  Marcel, not so much – he was a total dickwad when Carla came back into the stew room and (enthusiastically, I’ll admit, but rightfully so) announced her victory.  He may very well be getting the evil edit, but ya know, if you don’t act like a selfish ass clown, the producers won’t have much of that material to work with, now will they?  Grumble.

Next up…RESTAURANT WARS!!!  Ah, always an epic train wreck.  Can’t wait!


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