Trouble With Toast

TCAS – Sum Dim Chefs | January 10, 2011

So, I started following Fabio (from TC, not the creepy aging model who is now hawking Toyotas in order to afford hair product) on Twitter, and based on his ridiculous, only partially comprehensible Tweets, I seriously thought he was getting the boot this past week.  But, it turns out that everyone’s favorite Italian can cook more than just gnocchi – who knew?  It also turns out that he has a thing for turtles, but hey, I’m not gonna judge.

There was some false advertising going on in terms of the quickfire challenge – all of the teaser ads said something about cooking head-to-head with Tom, when in reality, the two-phase challenge involved Chef Colicchio cooking a dish as fast as possible, and then the cheftestants attempting to cook theirs in the same amount of time (which turned out to be 8 minutes and 37 seconds).  The chefs who screwed the pooch included Dale and Jamie, who couldn’t even pull a full plate together, and Angelo, who did a crudo when the chefs were basically instructed NOT to attempt any raw preparations.  Top honors went to Richard (who wisely chose to present foie, since it cooks quickly), Marcel (who avoided the fridge melee by grabbing and cooking Tom’s leftover fish), and Mike.  Mike’s pan-roasted branzino won him immunity AND a new car.  Marcel wasted no time making fun of Mike and his Jersey accent.

The dim sum elimination challenge was an absolute clusterfuck.  Sometimes I get really frustrated with the “brains” behind TC – I mean, yeah, it was moderately amusing to watch the chaos in the kitchen, but I feel like this particular challenge was basically impossible.  Then again, the chefs didn’t really approach it from an intelligent standpoint.  For example, Jamie – who hasn’t managed to cook ONE good dish, decided to attempt TWO.  Carla decided to make a Vietnamese dish for a Chinese challenge.  Tre opted for dessert (always the kiss of death).  And Casey not only decided to make chicken feet (a Chinese favorite, and incredibly difficult to make delicious), but then she volunteered to work FOH and entrusted her food to someone else.  On the plus side, Susur Lee was the guest judge, and I just love him.  It’s the simple pleasures in life, kids.

Fabio, Tiffany, Angelo, and Dale were deemed the favorites, and Dale’s sicky rice won the day.  He acknowledged that the win was like robbing a bank, since the challenge overall went so terribly.  I agree, but Dale is on my Fantasy TC team, so I’ll take it.

Not surprisingly, Carla, Antonia, Jamie, Casey, and Tre wound up on the bottom.  It seemed like everyone – including Jamie – thought Jamie was going to be eliminated, but Casey was sent home due to her inedible chicken feet.  Despite the fact that Jamie is also on my Fantasy team, I was pretty disappointed that she wasn’t heading out the door.  Those chicken feet must really have been terrible – but, then again, I think they’re pretty terrible even when they’re made by Chinese people, so what do I know?

Next week, the chefs go to Long Island – my homeland!  Some of them will fit right in…


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