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Fundraiser update | April 18, 2010

Before I head out of town for the next two weeks (first to Tampa/St. Pete and then to Minneapolis/St. Paul), I thought I’d update everyone on the fundraisers I mentioned at the beginning of the month.

The Food Blogger Bake Sale was a HUGE success!  Tami of Running With Tweezers secured a great location and TONS of bakers, and the sale raised over $1,600 for Share Our Strength.  I donated three key lime pies, and I have no idea how much they went for or who got to take them home, but I am honored to have been a (small) part of such an important and awesome event.  Congrats to all who participated, especially Miss Tami!

As for my cooking class…well…that wasn’t so successful.  I had a little bit of interest, but at the end of the day, there wasn’t enough to justify the event (I’m not sure if it’s my Gwinnett county location or something more personal…haha).  So, I found a different way to incorporate my love of cooking into my Team In Training fundraising.  I’ve started selling my wares!  So far, I’ve sold a key lime pie and probably 8-10 jars of homemade jam (raspberry and fig/balsamic), and everyone has given me really good feedback.  I tried the raspberry myself on some pancakes last weekend, and it was the bomb.  After I get back from my business trips, I’m going to do some more canning and maybe even some pickling, so let me know if you’re interested in purchasing anything!  I’ll also do special orders, if you have a particular item in mind.  Of course, you can always just make a donation here!

Now…tonight is my last dinner at home for a while, so I better go figure out what to cook!


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