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Eat on $60 – Day 4 | October 15, 2009

Wednesday was Day 4 of the Eat on $60 challenge, and it was a relatively good day.  I had some good leftovers to eat at work, and I had a decent idea of what I could throw together cheaply for dinner.  For breakfast, I opted for the same egg sandwich I had enjoyed on Day 3.


Betty – egg sammy ($0.55), two cups of coffee ($0.24).  Total – $0.79

Jason – yogurt and Smart Start ($0.90), two cups of coffee ($0.24).  Total – $1.14

Even though I had to take my lunch while participating in a conference call (usually, I am REALLY hard core about stepping away from my cubicle and my work to eat), I very much enjoyed the leftover Asian noodles.  And even though Jason was probably sick of chicken salad sandwiches, that’s what he got.  He’s not always around a microwave or silverware or anywhere that is not his car, so sandwiches are the best option.


Betty – leftover sesame noodles ($2.00), Dannon immunity ($0.25).  Total – $2.25

Jason – chicken salad sandwich ($1.27), crackers ($0.20), grapes ($0.69).  Total – $2.16

Snacks were more of the same, with me nibbling on grapes ($0.69) and Nutella cake ($0.79) for a total of $1.48.  Jason got an apple ($0.41) and an energy bar ($1.08) for a total of $1.49.

As for dinner, I had leftover chicken, a rudimentary stock that I had made (minus the usual expensive and tasty herbs) from the roasted chicken carcass, some beans and veggies, and some dried noodles that I had snagged on sale.  The obvious choice?  Make some soup!  So, I just dumped everything into a pot: chicken ($2.35 for about 5 servings), a can of black beans ($0.69), four servings of frozen peas ($0.80), half the noodles ($0.74), and the stock (which I’m saying is free, because I have already accounted for the full cost of the chicken, and I didn’t add anything to it besides water).  The entire pot cost $4.58 to make, and I split the soup into five $0.92 servings.  It certainly wasn’t the best soup I’ve ever had, and it needed a little “oomph” of acid, but it was warm and filling.  And, I knew it would get better as it sat in the fridge, as all soups tend to do.

Eat on 30 soup

All total, my food for the day added up to $5.44, and Jason’s added up to $5.71.  Our combined total was $11.15, and it brought our weekly total up to $44.92.  I was MUCH happier with how we did during Day 4, and I was certainly thrilled to have made it over the proverbial hump, but I still had a nagging feeling that we could do better.  In preparation for the rest of the week, I baked some potatoes and wrapped them up for future meals.  I also thought about an Atlanta event that comes up every holiday season, the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry annual Thanksgiving dinner.  The organization focuses not just on hunger but also on giving homeless indviduals the tools to rebuild their lives.  The Thanksgiving dinner is held at Turner Field and is a HUGE production, so they are always looking for donations and volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved, visit the organization’s website:


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