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Tomo Arigato, Mister Naito | September 28, 2009

When my sister asked me what I wanted in terms of a bachelorette party, I knew the answer right away.  “I want sushi!” I begged.  “No penis paraphernalia, no veils, no creepy bar games, no drunken idiocy–just a nice sushi dinner with my sis, followed by classy cocktails with a small group of girlfriends.”  But where to get sushi worthy of my wedding weekend?  Clearly, not just anyplace would do, so I asked the expert (this very knowledgeable gentleman), and my sister and I wound up at Tomo.

The place itself is somewhat unassuming, lodged in the middle of a Kroger shopping center off Cobb Parkway.  The interior decor, however, is subtle and soothing (I forgot very quickly that we were at a strip mall).  We sat at the sushi bar, which is always my preference, and settled in for a feast.  We ordered wine, and I must say that the pours were quite generous.  The beverage selections were also fairly varied, which is good for someone like me who doesn’t really dig sake (blasphemy, I know).

Sis and I were debating appetizers when we heard one of the chefs say that there was only one diver scallop left.  Our ears perked up and we practically yelled, “DIBS!!!”  A few moments later, we had a beautiful plate of live scallop sashimi in front of us, served in its own lovely shell and garnished with little dots of hot sauce and flecks of micro cilantro.  It was somehow light and rich at the same time, and absolute perfection in terms of presentation.  Fantastic.

For our entree, we decided to share some sashimi and a couple of sushi rolls.  The dinner sashimi platter included shrimp, scallops, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail belly, and it was all extremely fresh and well-presented.  In terms of rolls, we kept it pretty simple and opted for eel and cucumber (my absolute favorite) and yellowtail and scallion, both of which were really good.  The rice was the perfect stickiness, and the ingredients were top-notch.  When the HUGE plate of food came out initially, we thought we’d be there all night…but we were finished with all of the deliciousness far sooner than we anticipated.  Funny how that works.

I was contemplating ordering some uni for “dessert,” because let’s face it, dessert at most sushi restaurants leaves something to be desired.  I’d much rather have more raw fish than eat one more bowl of green tea ice cream, ya know?  But Chef Naito assured us that dessert at his restaurant was not to be missed (even though he also said that the uni was a great choice as well).  We trusted him and told him to pick his two best desserts for us, so we ended up with the “chocolate plant” and the “mango sunny-side up.”  The former was a rich, decadent chocolate creation that was thicker than a mousse but every bit as smooth and velvety.  It was in a little glass, covered in some crushed chocolate that was meant to look like dirt, and there was a beautiful sprig of fresh mint that appeared just like it was growing out of the dish.  It reminded me of a grown-up version of a “dirt dessert,” with gummy worms and Oreos.  Ah, childhood.  The mango dessert…well, the picture below is better than any description I could offer.


The “egg white” was actually a coconut panna cotta, the “yolk” was a mango jelly, and the “bacon” was crepe strips.  Very creative, and very tasty.

I cannot wait for another excuse to go to Tomo.  All of that food was about $100 (before tip), so it’s not everyday sushi, but it is definitely worth the wait and the price tag.  Thanks to Chef Naito and my sissy for a wonderful dinner.


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