Trouble With Toast

Holding pattern | August 27, 2009

Well, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay up till 10 PM to watch last night’s Top Chef episode.  After all, I had committed to getting up at the asscrack of early this morning for “bring a friend” day at my fiance’s fitness boot camp.  What I didn’t know was that massive thunderstorms would cause our power to go out, screwing up every electronic device in the house as a result.  We made it to boot camp by the skin of our teeth, but we don’t have TC on our DVR just yet.

So, though I realize that all three of my loyal fans and readers are just clamoring for a recap, it ain’t gonna happen today.  I’ll watch the episode as soon as I can and then post my thoughts.  The biggest challenge for me will be staying off the blog circuit today and not spoiling things for myself.  Speaking of which, dear food bloggers and TC recappers…DO NOT PUT THE WINNERS/LOSERS IN THE TITLES OR FIRST SENTENCES OF YOUR POSTS!!!!!  For crying out loud, some people don’t get to watch the show when it airs.  Yes, I know, I should be avoiding sites where I know the recaps are posted.  And I do.  But I also scroll through a lot of blog listings and RSS feed-type thingies, and it’s easy to catch things out of the corner of my eye.  Just a public service announcement, ya know.  I do what I can to help the people.

So, anyway, sit tight, and you will be rewarded with my brilliant commentary in due time.  In the meantime, have a great one!


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