Trouble With Toast

San Antonio Recap: Day Three | November 14, 2008

Just when we thought we couldn’t eat any more…well…we did.

Day three of our Texas pig-out started with breakfast at the Guenther House, which was recommended to us by some fellow tourists the night before.  Home of the founding family of the Pioneer Flour Mills, it was a really lovely setting–and it was bustling even early on a Monday morning!  Jason and I both ordered platters that came with biscuits, gravy, meat (sausage for me, bacon for him), and fruit.  We also decided to split a short stack of pancakes.  You know, for dessert.  The biscuits were INSANE.  I mean, they were the biggest, fluffiest things I’ve ever seen.  They didn’t even look like biscuits at first, and they definitely weren’t as crumbly as the ones I’ve come across in Georgia.  Anyway, they were delicious, especially when dipped in what was one of the best sawmill gravies I’ve ever had–flavorful, and thick without being goopy.  The pancakes were light and fluffy, too, and they came with a butter pecan syrup that was really unique and delicious.  Accompaniments were fresh and plentiful, and the house coffee (which had hints of hazelnut and pecan) was hot and comforting.  We were pleasantly surprised that such a popular tourist destination could produce such excellent food!

For dinner, good Texas BBQ was the only thing I wanted.  There are a lot of chains in the San Antonio area, but one name kept coming up–Rudy’s.  So, we hopped in the car, fired up the GPS, and drove out to…

…a gas station?

Yep, Rudy’s is a killer BBQ joint that is attached to a gas station/convenience store.  But after I tasted the goods, I decided that it could be attached to a nuclear waste site and I’d still visit again and again.  It’s a walk-up counter, and they serve the food in wax paper and on old soft drink crates.  Everything is available by the serving or by the pound, and the meats are sliced/chopped right in front of you (instead of wasting away in tubs or warming trays).  Jason got sliced brisket, which was the best I’ve ever had–tender, moist, and with a great smoky kick.  Now I know what brisket is SUPPOSED to taste like!  My chopped BBQ (which was a mixture of pork, brisket, and turkey) was meaty, but it had a nice zing from the surrounding sauce.  We also tried the potato salad and the creamed corn, and both dishes got raves.  We left fat and happy, and with a faint hickory smell remaining on our clothes.


Thus ended our Texas adventure.  In addition to all the eating, we visited the Alamo, toured Randolph Air Force Base, strolled in the lovely park by the zoo, did some shopping, and met some amazing people.  It was a great long weekend, and I highly recommend San Antonio as a fun and delicious destination!


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  1. Oh, Rudy’s fatty brisket. So good. And their cream corn. Oh, how I miss it. Did you use their weird-ass cylindrical turbine handwashing machine?

    Oh, and why did you leave out the funniest and most noteworthy part of the trip?

    Comment by Barzelay — November 14, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

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