Trouble With Toast

Parish gets it right | October 23, 2008

The first time we visited Parish (another Concentrics restaurant), we didn’t eat.  I won’t get into the dirty details, but basically, their website was very misleading about their dog-friendliness, and the policy was communicated to us in such a way that we felt uncomfortable and unwelcome.  My fiance was so upset by the experience that he wrote an angry (but still polite) email to company management.

Well, management was prompt in getting back to us, apologizing, and inviting us back for brunch on the house.  So, we went in on a Sunday afternoon, and we sat on the back patio by the market with our pup.  Chris was our server, and he made great recommendations (since it was our first time dining there) and was incredibly friendly.  Beignets came out right away, and while they weren’t as light and airy as some I’ve had in New Orleans, they were tasty and a decadent start to the meal.

After we ordered a cup of the chicken and andouille gumbo (tangy, and served in cute little cast-iron pots), we let Chris bring us whatever he thought was best.  For Jason, he brought the crab sardou omelette, with crab, artichoke, spinach, hollandaise, and hashbrowns and fruit.  He loved it!  I got the chicken pontalba, which is a skin-on roasted chicken breast roll-up sort of thing with andouille hash and hollandaise.  Oh my gosh, it was so rich and delicious–and the chicken was cooked PERFECTLY.  We also split a half-order of pain perdu, which is basically Cajun-influenced French toast.  A nice sweet end to the meal.

We had a great breakfast cocktail, a Napa Sunrise–grapefuit juice mixed with rose brut.  Like a mimosa, but more tangy than sweet.  Delicious and refreshing.

We couldn’t eat another bite, so we didn’t have dessert–but Chris sent us home with a pear pastry that we heated up later, and it was quite good.  So, a MUCH better experience than our first one!  I’m sure there was special attention paid to us because we complained about our previous treatment, but it worked in turning our opinions around–and we’ll definitely be back!  Note to all restaurants: it is so simple (and relatively inexpensive) to turn a negative experience into a positive one for a guest.  Do yourselves a favor and invest in quality customer service!  Parish made things right, and it made us happy–and repeat–diners.



  1. Kudos to Parish for making up for bad treatment the first time. I’m glad you got such a great meal ON THE HOUSE! (with pup in tow)

    Comment by barbara — October 23, 2008 @ 9:16 pm

  2. There is definitely something to be said for solid customer service–I’ve always heard people say that it is far easier to swallow (pun intended) non-revelatory food with excellent service than it is to eat awesome grub but suffer through a subpar waiter/waitress. If that makes sense.

    Comment by bettyjoan — October 24, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

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