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Recipe: Brochettes of Melon, Prosciutto, and Fresh Mozzarella | August 19, 2008

Jason and I hosted our first dinner guests (well, besides my parents) on Saturday night, and I wanted to make a special meal to mark the occasion and make them feel welcome.  However, I also wanted to keep the cost of the dinner relatively low, and because of our new pup, I didn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen.

This appetizer was perfect because it was simple and fresh, and because it was ideal for advance preparation.  The flavors were great (even though the basil oil, since I kept it on the side, didn’t mesh with the ingredients on the skewers as intensely as I would have liked), but the presentation seemed a little off to me–next time, I’ll use a melon baller instead of chopping the canteloupe into cubes.

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
    1/3 cup (packed) fresh basil leaves plus sprigs for garnish
    1 medium shallot, quartered
  • 1 small (about 2-pound) cantaloupe, halved crosswise, seeded, cut into 6 wedges, peeled
    6 small fresh water-packed mozzarella balls, drained
    6 thin slices prosciutto, cut in half lengthwise, gathered into ruffle
    6 8-inch wooden skewers

Puree olive oil, 1/3 cup basil, and shallot in food processor until basil and shallot are finely chopped.

Cut each cantaloupe wedge crosswise in half.  Alternate 1 melon piece, 1 piece ruffled prosciutto, 1 mozzarella ball, 1 more prosciutto piece, and 1 more melon piece on each skewer. (Can be prepared 2 hours ahead; cover and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature 15 minutes before serving.)

Arrange skewers on platter. Drizzle with basil oil and sprinkle with cracked black pepper. Garnish with basil sprigs.


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