Trouble With Toast

BBQ Blues | August 11, 2008

Few subjects cause more disagreement (friendly and not-so-much) here in the south than barbecue.  Just like people root for their SEC college football teams with great fervor, so do they espouse their intense preferences for barbecued meats.  Dry rub or marinade?  Vinegar- or mustard- or tomato-based?  Pulled or sliced?  Wood or charcoal?  Pork or chicken or brisket?  These are the sorts of questions that plague our times.

Anxious to try what has been called Atlanta’s best BBQ, boyfriend and I headed to Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q last Friday night.  The atmosphere was decent(we sat on the large patio), and the smell of smoky goodness was prevalent.  To start, we guzzled a pitcher of Sweetwater 420, one of my favorite beers and an Atlanta must-drink.  For an appetizer, we ordered fried pickles.  Yeah, that’s right–fried pickles.  With ranch dressing.  And they ARE as good as they sound.  I couldn’t stop eating them.  YUM.

Entrees came out super fast, which I guess is understandable, considering that BBQ is not cooked to order.  Jason ordered chopped brisket, fried okra, and tater tots.  The brisket was only lukewarm, and it was very bland.  The same complaints applied to the side dishes, unfortunately.  As for me, I had chicken and pulled pork with macaroni and cheese and potato salad.  The pulled pork was tender, but it wasn’t as flavorful as I would have expected (and I personally would have enjoyed a finer pull).  Meat-wise, the chicken was the highlight, with a great smoky flavor that permeated the whole breast.  It was also surprisingly moist, considering that it was white meat.  The mac was hot, which I appreciated, but the taste was nothing special (and it needed a healthy dose of salt).  The potato salad had potential, but it didn’t have a lot of zip or tang or anything, so it fell toward the bland side of the spectrum like most of the other food.

So, the verdict?  Other than the fried pickles and the chicken, we weren’t terribly impressed with Fox Bros.  For me, when the tab ends up close to $60 for two people, I expect more than just a “meh” reaction.  Next time I’m craving ‘cue, I’ll take half that money, pay for some gas, and drive out to one of the many joints outside of the city.  I suppose, though, that for the in-town set, Fox Bros. may be as good as it gets.



  1. Seriously, just reading about bbq and fried pickles makes me want to go find some right now. Sadly, good BBQ inside of DC is just as hard to find as it is in Atlanta apparently.

    Comment by restaurantrefugee — August 11, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

  2. As a Northern girl, this is a debate I feel I cannot fully weigh in on. I have had some awesome BBQ, but certainly do not know the finer intricacies.

    I will say, I love brisket and I had the best BBQ ribs OF MY LIFE in Evansville, Indiana. Oh, it was a revelation.

    Comment by Lemmonex — August 11, 2008 @ 5:02 pm

  3. RR: I think am going to try to duplicate the fried pickles. I mean, how hard can they be? Sadly, they are NOT on my low-fat diet (Friday night was a date night splurge), so I probably shouldn’t make them easier to get.

    Lem: I think that, as a food lover, you have just as much BBQ cred as I do. I don’t really know anything about the intricacies either, but I know what I like and I try to express that in a descriptive way. As for brisket, I’ve never been a huge fan (having had BAD overcooked Jewish brisket many more times than I care to count), but Jason says the best stuff is in San Antonio. T-minus 3 weeks till my mind is changed forever! 😉

    Comment by bettyjoan — August 11, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

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