Trouble With Toast

Oh yes it’s ladies night, and the feeling’s right… | May 14, 2008

Last week, I headed out on the town with two fabulous females.  First stop: The Source.  Only Lemmonex had been there previously, but she had lauded the sliders and tuna tartare, so EJ and I were excited to get on board.

The sliders (made of “American style” Kobe), of which there were four, were $16 and were pretty darn tasty–the meat was juicy and well-seasoned, and the bun and accompaniments were fitting.  My one gripe is that we didn’t have a choice as to temperature; I like my burgers medium rare, and these were medium well to well done.  Minor complaint, but at the price point, I should get to choose my doneness factor.

The tuna tartare ($15) was served in three sesame miso cones.  It was a lovely presentation, and the tartare was good, but the cone was quite delicate and fell apart with my first bite (leaving a tuna-y mess in my hand).  For me, this dish was a prime example of form over function.

The fries cost eight dollars and were great, and the portion was very large compared to the other dishes.  The potatoes were well-salted and non-greasy, and the dish came with homemade bearnaise sauce and ketchup.  There’s not much else to say besides yum!

My favorite appetizer of the evening was the plate of pork belly dumplings ($12) with a black vinegar dipping sauce.  I love me some dumplings, and these were fine specimens–tender, flavorful, and full of piggy sweetness.  I was happy to have given Lemmonex the fourth slider in exchange for the last dumpling on the platter.

I was drinking white wine, and it hovered around $12-$16 per glass.  I’m not sure how much the cocktails were, but after the aforementioned food and three rounds, the tab was $65 per person.  For simply starters and drinks, I think that’s a bit steep–and I suspect that a large part of our check was going to pay for the “Wolfgang Puck” name attached to the entrance sign.  C’est la vie.

For dessert and more drinks (we’re not lushes, I promise), we scooted a few blocks over to Central, where Lemmonex had never dined.  We split the “Kit-Kat Bar”–a delicious and decadent take on the classic candy, served with homemade hazelnut ice cream.  Drool.  With the dessert and two final rounds, we shelled out $22 a piece.  A much better number!  Of course, we ordered less than we did at The Source–but still, prices at Central are reasonable for what you’re getting, whereas at Puck’s place, you’re partly paying for the packaging.

So there you have it–if you have some cash to burn, The Source is a chic lounge with some compelling food and drink.  However, Central can deliver some pleasant surprises on your plate, in your glass, and in your wallet.



  1. “We’re not lushes, I promise”. Speak for yourself, woman.

    Your assessment is spot on…about $30 of our tab at Source was for the Puck name. It’s like a surcharge or something. I kind of forgot it was $65 a piece…I think I blocked out the final tab. I just remember a collective gasp when our server dropped the bill.

    PS: Our waitress was a spaz and a half. Last time, the service was not much better for me. The kobe sliders will keep me coming back, though.

    Comment by Lemmonex — May 14, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

  2. Yeah, she was a little spazzy–one minute she was all hovery and clingy, and then she’d disappear for hours on end. Though it wasn’t perfect service, though, I still think the biggest detractor was the price. Maybe when I’m rich…oh, wait, I work for the government…

    Comment by bettyjoan — May 15, 2008 @ 2:23 pm

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