Trouble With Toast

About the blogger | April 28, 2008

Miss Lemmonex tagged me, and, because I love her so, today you’re getting a meme!  Thank her if you like it, blame her if you hate it.  🙂  This is going to be hard, since I have my “101 things” list already published on this site, but I should have enough neuroses to go around.

1) When I change the volume on the television set, it has to end up on an even number.  I get really freaked out otherwise.  This behavior simultaneously annoys and fascinates my roommates.

2) Here are the things I’m most looking forward to as I prepare to move to Atlanta: living closer to my folks, never being more than a few miles from Chick-fil-a, the Georgia Aquarium, greater grocery store variety, accessibility to live college football, cooking in my parents’ HUGE kitchen, reuniting with wonderful old friends, warmer weather, bring driving distance to Charleston and Savannah, and having the space to get a dog.

3) Here are the things I’m least looking forward to: driving (and paying for gas and car insurance), living so far away from my sister (though she’s moving to San Fran, so that’s her fault), living so far away from New York, not being able to buy beer on Sundays, leaving my amazing DC friends, not having as many farmers market options, not having as vibrant of a restaurant/foodie community (though I don’t think it’s as lackluster as people claim), and the anxiety of starting a new job.

4) Speaking of my new job, while I am anxious and have a lot to learn, I am really looking forward to the challenge.  In a nutshell, I’ll be helping severely disabled veterans (for example, those who are in wheelchairs or who have lost limbs) obtain grant funds to adapt their homes.  I can’t imagine a more rewarding position, though I will probably have to invest in the Kleenex corporation due to the amount of crying I will do on the way home from work every day.

5) I met my boyfriend on Craigslist.  We’ve been together going on three years.

6) I enjoy really bitter, hoppy beers and dry, acidic wines, but I like my coffee and tea insanely sweet.

7) I’ve decided to take the Georgia bar exam in February 2009, even though a) my job does not require it, b) I’m already licensed in Maryland and DC, and c) it will be incredibly costly and unpleasant.  My boyfriend will be taking it then as well, so I decided it would be great if we could serve as each other’s support system.  Plus, it never hurts to have something like that as a “just in case,” ya know?

Back to the food soon, y’all…have a great Monday!



  1. Oh, chick-fil-a, how I love your waffle cut fries. We need to eat there multiple times when I visit you.

    Comment by Lemmonex — April 28, 2008 @ 3:59 pm

  2. Done and done. Though, to be honest, I often pass on the waffle fries just to eat another chicken sandwich. There’s something in that chicken that is like crack to me. Dammit, now I want some…

    Comment by bettyjoan — April 28, 2008 @ 4:25 pm

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