Trouble With Toast

Boob-related, not food-related | February 25, 2008


Though I have much to report from my recent jaunt to Georgia (including a review of 5 & 10, the most recent recipient of the “Best Restaurant in Atlanta” title), I wanted to quickly plug a non-culinary event that I’m hosting.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 2/26), please consider joining me and my friend Heather at Chi-Cha Lounge for a Happy Hour to support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!  Heather and I met at the event in 2007, and we’ll be walking and tenting together this year.  We each have to raise at least $1,800 to participate–and that’s where YOU come in!

A $10 donation at the door gets you happy hour specials till 10 PM–and the opportunity to mix and mingle with me.  🙂  You’ll also get an incredibly warm and fuzzy feeling from supporting such an important cause.

Once again, Chi Cha Lounge, tomorrow night, 6-10 PM, $10, happy hour fun.  Please bring as many other guests as you like–more people means more money, and more money means more work towards finding a cure for breast cancer.  More money also means more cheap drinks–and who couldn’t use THAT on a Tuesday evening, eh?

Hope to see you all there–let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for your support!  We will return to your regularly scheduled foodie programming tomorrow…


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